We are a full line printer that is your premier source for Vancouver Island business printing. Maintaining the Canadian Banking Standards for cheque printing, Impression Technology offers a comprehensive line of printing services for your business needs.

receive a significant savings on your cheques by ordering with us. Remember, the bank does not print your cheques they simply give your cheque order to another printing company which is why your final costs are incredibly high.


Impression Technology, Inc
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Victoria, BC V8V 3P6
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p: 250-384-8743
toll free: 1-800-818-8743
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toll free: 1-800-520-4399

Our Story

With a combined experience from the printing and banking industries, the company founders created a local (and global) specialty cheque printing company with a focus on low prices, high security and quick turn around. Setting up the printing hardware and operating space in 1994, a need was quickly established in assisting businesses with their cheque supplies, and growth rapidly followed.

In 2005, Impression Technology Inc. was one of the first companies in British Columbia (three years before the mandatory deadline) to supply the new Canadian banking standard for cheques, including personal, manual and laser cheques using the highest security features and watermark paper.